Ron Taylor of Decorah is proving to have psychic abilities as he's won his third football contest in four tries.

Taylor missed just three games this week and was closest to the tie breaker with a guess of 65.

Coe scored the most points this week with 69 against Loras.

Sue Roby of Decorah took second by missing three games and choosing 60 for the tie breaker. Phil Norton of Waukon was third with three missed games and a tie breaker of 57.

Elliott Christen and Lyle Huinker both missed three games but were furthest from the tie breaker. Matt Wisher of Ridgeway guessed 67 for the highest score, the closest to the correct score.

The most commonly missed games were Iowa State over TCU, Ohio State pounding Nebraska, Waukon handing South Winn its first loss, Indianapolis shocking Green Bay and Central Dewitt defeating Epworth.