Janet McMillan is the winner of the final week of the pigskin picks contest.

McMillan, of Waukon, missed just one game last week and was seven points away from the tiebreaker.

Taking second place was Mark Cline of Decorah. Cline missed one game and was 11 points from the tiebreaker.

It was a tie for third place. Darrell Vick of Decorah and Lisa Bacon of Decorah both took third. They missed two games and were eight points from the tiebreaker.

Baylor scored the most points this week, putting up 63 against Texas Tech. Kevin Schmitt of Fort Aktinson was the only one who correctly guessed the tiebreaker.

Most commonly missed games were Buena Vista over Dubuque, UNI defeating Missouri State, Drake falling to San Diego and Michigan defeating Northwestern.