The Decorah volleyball team is hosting a 10-team tournament Saturday, Sept. 28.

Teams competing are divided into a red pool (Osage, Chatfield, Minn., Central, Clayton Ridge and Jesup) and blue pool (Postville, Decorah, South Winn, Wapsie Valley and MFL). Each team will play two out of three to 21 points. The top three teams will advance to play for first through third place. The next three will play for fourth through sixth place and the final four for seventh through 10th place. Matches will be played as a court becomes available.

Play begins at 8:30 a.m. Games on the east court will be in the following order: Decorah/South Winn, Clayton Ridge/Jesup, MFL/Decorah, South Winn/MFL, South Winn/Wapsie Valley, Jesup/Osage and Wapsie Valley/Decorah. West Court play will follow: Chatfield/Central, Chatfield/Osage, PostvilleSouth Winn, Central/Clayton Ridge, Osage/Clayton Ridge, MFL/Postville and Jesup/Chatfield. The schedule for the practice gym is: Wapsie Valley/MFL, Postville/Wapsie Valley, Osage/Central, Decorah/Postville, Central/Jesup and Clayton Ridge/Chatfield.