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January 30, 2015
  • Selma should be required viewing in schools

    It’s time for it to stop. All of it. Period. The days of blatant, uncontrollable racism and hate must come to an end. Now.

    As a 64-year-old man and a citizen of the United States, I’m more than a little shocked – but not all that surprised – that racism of this magnitude and vitriol still exists in our country. C’mon, America, it’s a no-brainer and anyone who thinks otherwise is either mentally challenged, totally uneducated or downright mean-spirited. Or perhaps all three.

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  • Expressing opinions a benefit for everyone
    As a newspaperman and editor, my responsibilities in terms of publishing a printed news product that is credible, accurate, entertaining and, perhaps most importantly, provides a history of the readership area it represents, are a top priority. 
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  • Football playoff refreshing; Iowa hoops? Who knows?
        No matter what you may think of the new NCAA Division I playoff system in college football, it has achieved its purpose of attracting great attention from fans, pseudo-fans, kinda-sorta-fans and even non-fans. 
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  • Heading for Christmas in a tank ... not a sleigh
    As a Christian (no, the Vatican hasn’t asked for my official resignation … yet), I’m well aware of the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
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  • So it is possible for opposing sides to work together
    America has just about given up on Republicans and Democrats in Congress actually working together to accomplish something positive for the American people. 
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  • Pat Maloney: A good man who gave me a chance
    There’s no other way to describe it, so I’ll just lay it out there: Without Pat Maloney’s faith in me, I don’t know where I’d be or how my life would have turned out.  
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  • When will ISIS start terrorizing our homeland?
     Not too many moons ago I wrote a column about the world today and how dysfunctional it has become. Wanton violence has unfortunately become the “norm” from Hong Kong to St. Louis, and it continues to expand exponentially throughout the land. 
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  • Be extremely careful when choosing people to admire
    I’ll never forget the first time I saw him. And I mean never. That’s how good he was. That distinct. That creative. 
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  • From Julius ‘Dr. J’ Fromm, to Gus, Abe and now Luke

    It was just a few short winters ago some “experts” were predicting pheasant hunting in Iowa would become non-existent.

    Brutal, prolonged winters, and cold, wet springs, along with a significant reduction in CRP (conservation reserve program) land due to a tremendous increase in corn production, had taken their toll on the pheasant population and the outlook for the future was not promising.

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  • Only a matter of time before I turn into a reef
        Forty years ago, we’d sit around enjoying a “sociable” or two and ponder the future – in particular what life would be like when we turned 65. You know, retirement age. 
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  • Local artists worth support
    I’ve never considered myself an “artsy” person. Oh sure, I can pen a clever phrase now and then, but I don’ create beautiful or interesting things out of seemingly nothing. 
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  • Time for Goodell and Rice to go
     Here’s my solution to the appalling Ray Rice issue: He should be suspended for life for his actions, and Roger Goodell should resign as commissioner of the National Football League. 
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  • Is this heaven? No. Better than that, it’s Iowa

    First of all, let me state in no uncertain terms: I will go to my grave convinced Iowa is the best state in which to live your life. 

    Single, married or whatever, the serenity and sincerity of Iowa – its core values, if you will -- make it a wonderful place to pursue your dreams and ambitions. Granted, it’s not perfect … what place is … but the quality of life found throughout Iowa is about as good as it gets.

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  • Genius is way overused, but he fit the description
     If I were one one-millionth as talented a writer as Robin Williams was a comedian, this column would be the best thing ever published in Decorah Newspapers’ history and I’d be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. 
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  • I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of missile attacks
    Terrorism continues to be a horrific reality in the 21st century and it doesn’t show any sign of abating. In fact, if anything, it’s getting worse. 
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