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May 30, 2016
  • 50th Fest needs support
        It would be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately describe what Nordic Fest has meant to Decorah. To say that it has had a huge, positive impact on the community’s reputation as one of the best “small” towns in the Midwest is a colossal understatement.
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  • Geez, couldn’t you have taken Kanye?

        Dear God: What the heck is going on? I know it’s all part of your heavenly plan and my strong faith tells me to trust in your divine wisdom, but some moves on your part of late have me confused, sad and, at times, downright angry.

    I mean you took comedic genius Robin Williams home to be with you just a short time ago, and recently you decided to have David Bowie and Merle Haggard join your heavenly host … and now Prince? What gives?

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  • Screw ups and bad luck ... that’s turkey hunting
        I sure can’t call it my happy place. Not by any stretch. But it’s not really an unhappy place either. After all, sitting under a majestic old cottonwood tree on a beautiful spring morning in Iowa is never an unhappy occurrence. Warmed by the rising sun as I listen to the woods wake up, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.
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  • We’ve worked too hard to settle for something less
       Although local residents have been aware of it for a long, long time, in recent years the Decorah Community School District has been repeatedly recognized as one of the finest “overall” school systems in the entire state of Iowa and the Midwest region. For that matter, there’s no question the Decorah District ranks well above the curve on a national level.
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  • With their hearts broken, Panthers still walk with pride

        It was over, period. Nothing shy of a miracle or an act of God was going to change the outcome. So I retired to the bedroom, threw on my “sleeping” sweats and tried to do a little reading as the final moments of the contest played out on my Toshiba. And then it happened.

    The entire state of Iowa, as well as thousands of basketball fans throughout the United States, remain in a profound state of shock as I write this. It still upsets me no end.

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  • Accepting the challenge separates winners from losers
         It’s a column I wish I didn’t have to write, but it needs to be said. While my words are meant for everyone who takes the time to read this column, they are especially directed at Emily Busta, the perky, enthusiastic Turkey Valley basketball player who missed a crucial free throw in the waning seconds of the Class 1A state championship game last Friday night against Springville.
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  • Trump’s refusal to condemn KKK is final straw
     I’ll admit I was among the thousands of Americans who had become disenchanted (disgusted?) with our elected officials in Washington, D.C. and their inability to get anything accomplished for their constituents. Using the past tense in this statement isn’t really accurate either – I remain upset with their performance as I write this.
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  • Look out M.J., I’m coming for you ... with a new knee

       It all started some 33 years ago in the main gym at Upper Iowa University in Fayette.

    I was sports editor of the Oelwein Daily Register at the time (a small, 6-days-a-week newspaper publication), and since I was still in my physical “prime” (no comments please), I spent a lot of my “off hours” pursuing a few competitive passions, like golf, softball and basketball.

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  • One Lemon who was sweet for America/world
        While their efforts may not rank up there with the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. or Abraham Lincoln, a strong argument could be made that they did as much to promote racial relations in the United States as just about any entity other than the aforementioned pillars of our nation (If I left anyone out, I apologize.).
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  • Perhaps a New Year’s resolution I can accomplish
         I’ve been writing a “New Year’s resolutions” column since Lassie was a pup, and admittedly it’s become increasingly difficult to come up with a new, fresh perspective on the popular subject.
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  • Duck lips, selfies and political obsessionists

     Call me a nerd, twisted, incredibly bored, a dweeb (see letter to the editor on this page) or whatever, but I’m the type of person who actually enjoys watching home movies. Say what?

    That’s right, while most people would rather stick a meat thermometer in their ear than be subjected to two hours of video showing a family on vacation in Yellowstone, I’m just the opposite. I genuinely get a kick out of experiencing the moving-picture memories of family and friends and their journeys through life.

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  • Kinder, gentler Coach Ferentz has Hawks in title hunt

       Let’s be honest here. Totally honest.

    I’ll readily admit I’ve had my doubts about Coach Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeye football program in recent years, and anyone who says they haven’t is either lying, blind to the truth or so ignorant about big time college football they can’t tell the difference between a nickelback and a slotback.

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  • Helluva way to live

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m extremely upset and angry as I write this.

    Is it the end of the world? Of course not. But the end of our existence, the way we live, might be a lot closer than we think. Just ask the people aboard that Russian jetliner or the citizens of Paris, France, and Beirut, Lebanon. The list goes on … and on … and on.

    As I sit here on Tuesday morning trying to write something profound and enlightening about the latest terrorist attacks that claimed so many innocent lives, I’m at a loss. I think we all are.

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  • I worshipped at the altar of ivy and Vienna red hots

       It was and is my cathedral.

    A place as important to me as the Vatican is to Catholics … as Mecca is to Muslims. Its turf is sacred. The ivy covering its brick walls is both unique and special … a symbol that defines it like no other. In case you haven’t figured it out by this point, the house of “Worship” I’m referring to is Wrigley Field: The “Friendly Confines.” The home of the Chicago Cubs – those lovable losers who raise our hopes each and every spring and then dash them by the start of summer.

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  • Know it sounds crazy, but gotta love Trump
    Not that long ago, if someone had predicted that businessman/bazillionaire Donald Trump would be leading all other Republican candidates in the race for the White House, his closest competitor would be a retired neurosurgeon with little if any political experience and that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton would be in danger of being overtaken by a 105-year-old senator from Vermont, we probably would have escorted that person to the funny house … but it’s all true.
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