The Winneshiek County Agricultural Association (WCAA) is seeking more members.

The organization provides support for the Winneshiek County Fair. A lifetime membership is a one-time donation of $40 per couple.

The annual meeting is held in January and all members are invited. Ballots are sent out to all lifetime members before the meeting so they have the chance to vote on the three Winneeshiek County Fair Board members up for election.

WCAA members are welcome to attend the meeting, voice their opinions on issues concerning the fair or as ask questions.

The WCAA is considering changing the date of the annual meeting from January to November, so the newly elected Fair Board members can attend the Association of Iowa Fairs annual meeting and conference in Des Moines in December. WCAA members will be voting on whether to change WCAA annual meeting date.

All lifetime members have the opportunity to be as active as they wish. They may become an auxiliary member or a fair board director.

Auxiliary members volunteer time to help the fair board get ready for the fair. They also work during the fair, when they are available, and work throughout the year at various events held at the fairgrounds.

Fair Board members make decisions on events held during the fair and throughout the year to improve the fair and fairgrounds. They serve a three-year term. Board members can select an area of interest to be in charge of during fair week, and organize and oversee that area.

Auxiliary and Fair Board members work together as a volunteer team to help make things run smoothly. Some of their responsibilities include taking photos during Fair week, helping out for a day or evening, working on Fair history, with the Fair website or its facebook page.

City and country residents are members of the WCAA. The organization includes business people, housewives, farmers, young families with children in 4-H or FFA, school teachers and others interested in helping with the Winneshiek County Fair.

Visit the Facebook page: Winneshiekcountyfair, to see more. The WCAA also started using Instagram during the fair this year. A new Fair is being developed which should be ready early next year.

The Fair Board's goal is to create more interest from the younger generation to join current members to help ensure a successful fair for generations to come. The younger generation is the "Future of the Fair," according to the WCAA.

Besides the Fair, a few things the W.C.A.A. hosts on the grounds are:

* Antique show and flea market

* Chamber luncheon

* Rent out the Danan Lansing Building for receptions, banquets and miscellaneous events

* Rental storage in buildings for winter months

* Community building rental for auctions and events

County residents do not have to be a Board or Auxiliary member to become involved or volunteer. For more information, contact a Board member: Gary Schutte, 563-567-8440; Daryl Hovden, 563-382-4499; Ron Hemeseth, 563-532-9549; Arlin Franzen, 563-532-9711; Cheryl Cline, 563-382-3517; Marilyn Beard, 563-382-5485; Kelvin Rue, 563-737-2528; DeAnn Christopher, 563-735-5506; or David Snell, 563-277-1118.