Roger Thomas of Elkader, Michael Breitbach of Strawberry Point and Mary Jo Wilhelm of Cresco were claiming narrow victories Wednesday morning.

Democratic incumbent Roger Thomas received 7,754 votes in the state House District 55 race Tuesday while Republican Michael Klimesh of Spillville received 7,574 votes, according to the Iowa Secretary of State's website.

In Winneshiek County, Klimesh received 5,007 votes, 53 percent; and Thomas received 4,380 votes, 47 percent.

State Senate District 28 candidate Republican Michael Breitbach received 14,791 votes, defeating John Beard of Decorah, 14,748 votes. In Winneshiek County, Beard had the most votes, 5,648, 60 percent; compared to Breitbach, 3,814, 40 percent.

Democratic incumbent Mary Jo Wilhelm received a total of 15,511 votes in the state Senate District 26 race while her opponent, Republican Merlin Bartz of Grafton, also an incumbent, received 15,391 votes. In Winneshiek County, Wilhelm received 652 votes, 52 percent; and Bartz received 596 votes. Redistricting put the two senators in the same district

In Iowa House District 51, Republican incumbent Joshua Byrnes of Osage received 9,710 votes over Democrat Eric Hungerford of Manly, 5,317. In Winneshiek County, Byrnes received 664 votes, 57 percent; and Hungerford received 503 votes, 43 percent.


Incumbent Democrat Bruce Braley of Waterloo withstood a challenge from Republican Ben Lange of Indepdence. Braley received a total of 220,791 votes; Lange received 161,862. In Winneshiek County, Braley received 5,809 votes, 55 percent and Lange received 4,643 votes, 44 percent.

Obama again

As they did in 2008, the majority of Winneshiek County voters cast their support for Democratic President Barack Obama. Obama received 6,245 votes in Winneshiek County, 56 percent; and Republican Mitt Romney received 4,618 votes, 42 percent.

Statewide, Obama received 809,959 votes while Romney received 723,740 votes.