The Decorah Fire Department wants to do something new for its annual fundraiser.

Representatives of the department discussed their idea -- a 5K run, similar to the trademarked "Color Run" -- with the Decorah City Council Monday night.

Firefighter Mike Bockman said the department wanted to try something different than its annual dance.

"We've talked to a lot of people who are really fired up that this could be in our town. We would have to change the name ... they did it in Farley -- we can't wait to do it," he said.

Bockman encouraged anyone who isn't familiar with Color Runs to look them up on He said Decorah's event would have a slightly different name.

April 20

The 5K would tentatively be April 20 and would involve the closure of Ice Cave Road, according to Bockman.

It would start at about 4 p.m. at the Winneshiek County fairgrounds. The run would also end at the fairgrounds with some type of gathering, he said.

Bockman said the 5K would be geared to runners of all ages and abilities.

"It doesn't matter who is running -- small, tall, fast, slow, it's all for fun," he said.

It will be family and wellness oriented, Bockman added, and make use of part of the Trout Run Trail. Participants wear white T-shirts and every kilometer they run through a cornstarch-based powdered color, so, by the end of the run, their shirts are filled with vibrant colors. Some people wear goggles, Bockman explained.

"It's not toxic, it's biodegradable and very safe," Bockman said of the colored powder.

Council member Gary Rustad suggested the fire department representatives meet with the Council's public safety committee about the event and schedule the street closing request for a future Council agenda.