Tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 10, fire departments around the nation as well as Winneshiek and surrounding counties will hold Operation EDITH or Exit Drills in the Home.

This week national, state and local Fire agencies come together to spread

the word about Fire Safety. This year the national slogan for Fire

Prevention week is "Have 2 ways out"

All local residents as well as visitors should plan their escape from their homes, business and gathering places in the case of a fire.

The Decorah Fire Department, along with the area fire departments will sound the Fire whistle at 6 p.m. and residents should take 5-10 minutes with their family to discuss

and practice exiting their homes, as if it was on fire. Once you have

completed your fire drill please turn on your porch light to indicate you

practiced the fire drill tonight or will practice it this week.

Decorah Fire Dept. will canvas the city of Decorah looking for Porch lights

that are lit indicating you practiced your fire drill or have plans

to practice it this week. We encourage children to look for the fire trucks

as they will stop and the fire fighters will hand out fire prevention

material and souvenirs from the fire dept.

Only 33 percent of American households have

actually developed and practiced a home fire escape plan to ensure they

could escape quickly and safely.

A recent survey found that most Americans

believe they have at least 6 minutes to get out of the house once the fire

alarm was activated. However in a typical wastebasket container fire in

smoke travels to the second floor of a two story

home in less than two minutes. In 3 minutes the temperature in the room where the fire started

reaches 500 degrees and at this point no one can survive the fire.