Decorah officials announced the city's snow and ice removal policies this week.

All property owners are responsible for prompt removal of snow and ice accumulations from sidewalks abutting their property. Municipal code section 12.32 requires prompt removal and section 8.04 allows the city to remove snow and ice in order to eliminate any nuisances. Property owners will be responsible for all costs and administrative fees associated with removal of snow/ice accumulation.

Residents are encouraged to report unshoveled sidewalks to the city clerk's office at 382-3651, or email

Whenever there is a snowfall of one inch or more, a snow emergency is automatically in effect.

City ordinance requires all vehicles to park on the even numbered side of the street until snow is cleared from the opposite side, then move to the odd numbered side of the street until the snow is cleared from the remaining half. When both sides have been plowed, normal parking resumes.

The snow emergency procedure takes the place of all posted parking restrictions. Vehicles interfering with snow removal procedures can be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

In order to aid snow removal, vehicle owners are reminded that no street may be used for storage purposes. Municipal code section 10.52 requires that no vehicle may be parked for a period of time longer than 48 hours on city streets. Violations are subject to ticketing and possible impoundment.