The city of Decorah will provide up to $1,500 for preliminary design work for a Dry Run Trail Highway 52 culvert/underpass on the south edge of Decorah.

Last week, city and county officials met to discuss the Dry Run Trail that could eventually connect the Trout Run and Prairie Farmer trails. The Trout Run Trail encircles Decorah, and the Prairie Farmer Trail runs from Calmar to Cresco.

The connection would require about eight miles of new trail and would cost approximately $8 million, City Manager Chad Bird told the Decorah City Council Monday.

The Winneshiek County Conservation Board has received a $750,000 Iowa Department of Transportation grant for the culvert/underpass extension of Trout Run Trail that requires a concept design and statement.

The Decorah Park and Recreation Board also has secured a $100,000 Resource Enhancement and Protection grant for the work.

The Decorah City Council's street committee met with the group of city and county officials last week, and committee members reached a consensus to recommend the $1,500 for design and concept work for the underpass.

According to Bird, it will be an extensive project and would likely not take place for several years.

The Council approved the request unanimously Monday night.

Council member Gary Rustad, chair of the Council's street committee, said if the Trout Run Trail and Prairie Farmer Trail are connected, there would be "very little expense" to the city, which would likely see "major benefits" from connecting the two trails.