Winneshiek Medical Center recently contracted to have a billboard posted on Montgomery Street and the sign had a typo.

"Certainly WMC staff know how to spell 'embarrassing,' and are thankful there are so many great proofreaders in the community," said a press release from WMC.

The billboard was posted on Monday, May 6. The quality of Decorah School's English department came shining through almost immediately when a local teacher called about the typo. The billboard company willingly agreed to correct their mistake. The corrected billboard is expected to be posted by today, Tuesday, May 14.

While typos often become a topic for jokes and water cooler talk, WMC is committed to providing the best solutions locally for patients who suffer from leaking urine and other bladder conditions. Fortunately, WMC has a full time urologist, Brad Orvis, M.D. and a full time gynecologist, Randall Bremner, M.D. on staff to care for men and women who may suffer from bladder issues.

"Even with spell check, occasional typos happen. If there is any positive outcome to this billboard posting, hopefully it will be that more people will seek help for bladder problems," concluded the release.