Winneshiek Medical Centers profit in fiscal year 2013 was $1.3 million more than last year's gain of $274,560.

At Wednesday's meeting of the WMC Board of Trustees, Chief Financial Officer Lynn Luloff told the Board while the financial results are preliminary and subject to audit, patient revenues showed a 8.3 percent increase or $6 million over fiscal year 2012.

Luloff said the increase was due to a number of factors, including significant inpatient growth.

"Medical/surgical patient days increased 11 percent from fiscal year 2012. Acute admissions grew 8 percent, and the number of births grew from 221 to 234," said Luloff.

"Skilled" patient days increased from 1,096 to 1,505, and 30 percent of those came from the Mayo Post Acute Care program, where patients who have been discharged from Mayo Clinic spend time recuperating at WMC before they go home.

Other positives included a 62-percent increase in Home Health Care visits, a 51-percent increase in Hospice visits and a 21-percent increase in occupational therapy. Operating expenses also came in under the projected budget for the year.

"With non-operating revenues of $613,036, WMC's preliminary net gain is $1,581,749," she said.

Chief Administrative Officer Gretchen Dahlen said, "We are pleased that our preliminary totals for last fiscal year are quite positive, due to our new revenues growing faster than our expenses."