Six percent raises have been recommended for the county's elected officials.

The Winneshiek County Compensation Board met last week and was addressed by Paul Greufe, of PJ Greufe and Associates LLC, Davenport, who was commissioned by the county to perform a job classification compensation study. Greufe, a human resources consultant, said Winneshiek County is significantly below state average for compensation of similar positions in the state in counties of comparable population.

County supervisors were most significantly underpaid by 17 percent, Greufe said. The remaining elected officials were underpaid by 10.5 percent to 14 percent below state averages.

"The Compensation Board noted additional considerations including that compensation increases for elected officials had been kept at a low rate with a recession ... the Board also noted that the elected officials had served meritoriously and well," Compensation Board Chairman Jim Burns wrote in a letter he sent following the meeting to the Board of Supervisors.

The county officials' current salaries, along with their salary after the proposed raises are: auditor, $49,993, $52,993; county attorney, $59,436, $63,002; sheriff, $65,475, $69,404; treasurer, $50,381, $53,404; recorder, $49,327, $52,287; supervisor, $28,099, $29,785; and board of supervisors chairman, $28,813, $30,542.

The board of supervisors can approve the raises as recommended, or reduce them all by the same percentage. The board typically makes a decision after the annual budget hearing in March.