Bridgette Mitchell
Bridgette Mitchell

Winneshiek Medical Center and Mayo Clinic Health System announce the addition of Bridgette Mitchell to the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine team.

Mitchell recently joined the staff to provide increased access to Pilates classes, which are offered daily at various times in the newly renovated WMC Rehab Fitness Studio.

Mitchell, a life-long fitness enthusiast, first tried Pilates at Winneshiek Medical Center when physical therapist Shauna Menke, DPT and certified Stott Pilates instructor began the program.

"I was getting tired of the traditional aerobic workout and was ready for something completely different," says Mitchell.

"Pilates strengthens the body from the inside out by focusing on the core - it is a mind/body workout."

Mitchell became certified to be an instructor at the Sweat Shop in St. Paul, Minn. last June.

"I was excited to gain a deeper understanding of Pilates and the techniques that are specific to Stott Pilates, which we teach at WMC. It is truly a safe and effective workout for people at any fitness level, and most exercises can be easily modified to fit personal needs and abilities."

Stott Pilates emphasizes five basic principles that are incorporated into every exercise. These principles focus on proper positioning which facilitates correct muscle engagement, increased body awareness, and mindfulness. Although Pilates has been around for years, Stott Pilates has modified many of the classic exercises to incorporate the newest medical research for a more contemporary fitness approach.

Mitchell and Menke work alongside each other to provide classes to the community. All exercises are performed in a safe, monitored setting, and approved by the WMC Rehab and Sports Medicine department.

"I've learned a great deal from working with Shauna, and have an extra level of confidence in what I'm teaching because Shauna, a doctor of physical therapy, endorses the program."

The WMC Pilates classes include early and late classes and express lunch classes.

Class schedules are posted on, or the public can call the Rehab and Sports Medicine department for more information at 563-387-3031.