Despite a struggling U.S. economy, enrollment at Luther is "holding steady," according to Jon Christy, Luther College director of assessment and institutional research.

Luther's 2013 fall semester student enrollment is 2,466, down just seven students from last year.

"That's not even one percent," said Christy.

Five-year totals for Luther include 2,473 in 2012; 2,471 in 2011; 2,481 in 2010; and $2,519 in 2009.

"The fact that we're holding steady with our enrollment in an environment where many institutions are struggling is impressive," said Christy.

Luther also released a number of figures regarding enrollment demographics.

U.S. students of color make up 8 percent of this year's total enrollment ,and international students represent 5.8 percent of Luther's 2013 enrollment. Both of these numbers have been steadily increasing over the past five years.

In 2008, U.S. students of color represented 5.6 percent of the Luther population; 2009, 6.8 percent; 2010, 7 percent; 2011, 7.4 percent and 2012, 7.8 percent. In 2008, international students comprised 4.1 percent of the student population; 2009, 5 percent; 2010, 4.8 percent; 2011, 4.9 percent and 2012, 5.3 percent.

The student body comes from 40 states and 56 countries.

This fall's new, registered student total is 668, which includes 628 first-year students, 39 transfer students and one special, non-degree student.

Forty-one percent of students report Lutheran as their religious affiliation.