The Decorah Law Enforcement Center has released a list of area lost and found items. These include:


• A small, female lapdog found on 258th St.

• Female Rottweiler mix, mostly black with brown spots, found on 278th Ave.

• Grey cat found on bike trail

• Ford car key on Klimesh Motors leather fox found on River St.

• "The London Pass" card found downtown Decorah.

• Camelbak water purifier found by trout stream.

• Log chains found on County Rd. W-42.

• GM key on black, Nike lanyard near high school.

• Cell phone attachment credit cared reader found on 5th Ave.

• Samsung phone red/silver/black with Bud Light stickers found on Washinton St.

• Hard Rock specialized mountain bike found on Montgomery St.


• Brown and white pitbull mix lost from Castalia area.

• Boxer, brown with black and white coloring from Burr Oak area.

• Four-month-old German Shepherd lost from Cresco.

• Brown and white female German shorthair dog lost from Ridgeway area.

• Surly Karate Monkey black mountain bike lost from downtown Decorah.

• Yellow men's Specialized Hard Rock bicycle from Grove St.

• Mirren 21-speed gray bike from downtown Decorah.

• Camo orange bag lost from Bear Creek area.

• Liner for an Outback Subaru, Decorah area.

• Samsung blue slide phone lost in the area of Decorah High School.

• Nissan key on a white leather snap in Decorah.

• Cream color baseball cap with LaCrosse Sailing Club insignia, Decorah area.

• Brown wallet lost on College Drive in Decorah.

• Blackberry Curve cell phone with purple case in Decorah area.

• Sparkly black wallet, Decorah area.

• Men's prescription sunglasses.

Anyone with any questions or information about any of these items should contact the Decorah Police Dept. at 563-382-3667 or 563-382-4268 or Winneshiek County Sheriff's office.