East Side School materials are still available and ready for reuse in the Decorah greater community.

The Luther College materials salvage site on Pole Line Rd., where 60 to 70 dump truck loads of masonry material were deposited in January of 2008, is currently the storage site for pallets of bricks and native limestone for sale. Salvage scrap lumber is also available as free firewood.

Wood and dimensional lumber stored in a local barn is also available for reuse.

The masonry material and some of the wood has been used in a variety of places in the Decorah Community.

Oneota Historic Future Alliance is now accepting photos of reuses of this material. Photos may be sent to Ben Harman at ben@harman2020.com. Calls for reuse of any of the East Side materials are being taken by Finholt Construction Company, 382-9360; Scott Hawthorne, 563-380-5497 and Deborah Bishop, 387-6905.