During the months of October, November and December the Decorah Police Department as a member of the Northeast Iowa Task Force was active with several drug related investigations, according to Decorah Police Chief Bill Nixon.

During the three months, 24 people were charged with narcotic misdemeanor charges, 5 were charged with narcotic felony charges, 33 new cases were opened and four search warrants were served. Two of the search warrants were meth-lab related.

Through these investigations, the Decorah Police Department confiscated approximately 6.4 ounces of marijuana, .2 gram of meth and 25 dosage units of pharmaceuticals. The Decorah Police Department seized two methamphetamine labs during those three months.

"We continue to strive to keep the city of Decorah safe and free from drugs and drug use, and appreciate the support and assistance of the community in this effort," Nixon said. "If at any time you have information you would like to share, please call us at 382-3667."