Decorah's Depot Outlet will soon be doubling in size.

The Depot Outlet Inc. recently purchased the Lang Dairy property located in Montgomery Plaza on Montgomery St. Following some renovation of the new space, the business will be moving after the first of the year.

Depot Outlet is a non-profit organization owned by the Winneshiek County area churches. It sells recycled clothing, books and household goods store and uses the proceeds to give back to nonprofits in the community.

Stacy Merrill, director of the Depot Outlet, said the move comes as an effort to expand the organization's capabilities.

"We are just bursting at the seams here. We need more store space, more parking and more storage," said Merrill.

Merrill explained the Depot technically only owns eight parking spaces in front of its building on Railroad Ave. The hope is at the new location customers will be able to share parking with Team Rehab, whose clients primarily use their services in the early morning and early evening hours, when the Depot is closed. There are plans for additional parking on the side and back of the building.

Merrill said once the Depot has more space, it will likely be accepting additional items, including furniture.

"We are just excited about what more space can lead to and the other kinds of items we could accept," said Merrill, adding the Depot currently employs 18 people and will add several additional part-time jobs.

"But most exciting of all is that it will give the customers a more inviting and spacious shopping experience with many more items for sale."

A representative of Lang's Dairy said the business will be announcing its new location in the near future.