The issue of whether to raise the pay for the mayor and members of the Decorah City Council will be explored by the Council's personnel committee.

Decorah Mayor Don Arendt brought up the topic during the Council's Aug. 5 meeting.

Council members currently are paid $40 for each official Council meeting, or $960 annually and the mayor receives $350 per month, or $4,200 annually. He said smaller communities surrounding the city are paid up to twice as much per meeting. Arendt said the last time there was an increase in Decorah was 1999.

The majority of Council members weren't in favor of pursuing a raise.

"There are better uses for our money than spending it on ourselves. We aren't paying other boards and commissions. The fact we're reimbursed at all is nice, but we've got better uses for our money," Council member Paul Wanless said.

However, Arendt said he still wanted to see the matter addressed by the Council. The topic was on the Council's agenda last Monday, but Arendt said he'd been informed the personnel committee wanted to discuss it. The committee will meet at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Changing the Council and mayor's pay would require an ordinance change. Three readings of an ordinance must be held before the change could be adopted.

City staff provided Council members with a survey of towns of comparable size and what their Council members and mayors receive for compensation.

Some of the cities included in the survey and annual salaries are:

• Spencer, mayor, $8,600, and council members, $4,600

• Waverly, mayor, $6,000, and council members, $2,000

• Charles City, mayor $4,500, and council members, $1,000

• Pella, Mount Pleasant, Webster City, no compensation

• Grinnell, mayor, $6,000, and council, $2,400.