Area high school individual speech participants competed over the weekend in Riceville. Those receiving I ratings will continue on to state Saturday, March 9, at Starmont High School.

Decorah High School

Out of Decorah High School's 47 performances, 40 received I ratings. They are coached by Amanda Huinker and assisted by Molly Holkesvik.

"Molly and I so proud of all our students and the hard word and efforts they put into their pieces," Huinker said.

Decorah 9

Receiving a I rating:

Original Oratory - Brianna Doyle

Storytelling - Annika Wahlberg

Prose - Maggie Breitenstein

Poetry - Autumn DeLong, Naomi Davidson

Acting - Maggie Breitenstein

Spontaneous Speaking - Hannah Sikkink

Radio News - Laural Fadness, Breanna Doyle

Other participants:

Public Address - Dallas Matt

Poetry - Garret Baumler

Solo Musical - Autumn Delong

Spontaneous Speaking - Dallas Matt

Decorah 10-12

Receiving a I rating:

Original Oratory - Micheal Foster, Noreen Gentry

Public Address - Connor Freeman, Shelby Stalberger

Expository Address - Lydia Dawley, Talia Raddatz

Storytelling - Sam Iverson, Christa Nelson, Kirsten Arneson

Prose - Emily Markee, Shelby Varney

Poetry - Kelly Minear, Lukas Phillips, Kendra Larsen

Literary Program - Maria Hoyme

Solo Musical - Rita Marie Guzman, Claire Breitenstein, Bretta Krieg

Improvisational Acting - Sam Iverson, Patrick Murphy, Daniel Rinaldelli

Acting - Paul Fadness, Gara Lonning, Simon Cropp

After Dinner Speaking - Will Yahr, Steven Holkesvik, McKinleigh McCabe

Review - Crystal Mensen, Kassie Hoyme

Spontaneous Speaking - McKenzie Snyder

Radio News - Hans Holkesvik

Other participants:

Expository Address - Johanna Standal

Literary Program - Alison Schwartzhoff

Radio News - Parker Freitheim

South Winneshiek

South Winneshiek students are coached by Margie Holien.

South Winn 9

Receiving a I rating:

Solo Musical Theater -- RaeAnn Klimesh

Acting -- RaeAnn Klimesh

Other participants:

Christina Wagner, Marissa Holthaus, Monica Schwarthoff, Brittany Gibson, Hattie Frana, Juan Uribe, Jaimie Elsbernd

South Winn 10-12

Receiving a I rating:

Solo Musical Theater (directed by Kenn Kirby) -- Allison Klimesh, Blaine Woodson, Kendal Kuboushek

Prose -- Caitlin Holien, Megan Elsbernd and Jessica Lechtenberg

Poetry -- Mahogani Boe

Original Oratory -- Domenic Boe

Expository Address -- Karla Hageman

Improvisation -- Nathan Meyer and Kevin Davis

Acting -- Becca Lensing, Jessica Lechtenberg and Kelly Kuboushek

Radio News -- Logan Brincks and Taylor Claman