"All Trails Lead to Nordic Fest" is the theme for the 47th annual Nordic Fest, July 25-27, 2013.

"The popularity of trails in and around Decorah is undeniable," said Brenda Balk, Nordic Fest Board Member.

"Decorah is becoming a mecca for biking, hiking, mountain biking, walking and cross country enthusiasts throughout the Midwest."

The Nordic Fest Board of Directors received numerous theme suggestions from the general public and many had incorporated "trails" into their idea. That made the selection process rather easy, said Sue Sander, Nordic Fest president.

"We invite you to come and be a part of Nordic Fest," said Sander. "No matter if you bike, hike, drive or fly in to Nordic Fest, what's important is you come and experience all that the Fest offers. Take in the free entertainment downtown then enjoy the scenic trails, canoe the Upper Iowa River, renew friendships and spend time with family."

Fest organizers will creatively include the trail theme on buttons, programs and merchandise, all available in July, 2013. Residents and businesses will be encouraged to decorate window displays, porches or gardens utilizing the theme.

For Nordic Fest event information, to volunteer or share an idea, visit www.nordicfest.com, call 800-382-FEST, or email contact us@nordicfest.com.