Approximately 100 Decorah High School students will make the trip to Ames Feb. 22, to perform at the All-State Speech Festival as the Iowa State Center on the ISU campus.

Twelve groups received outstanding ballots at the Northeast District State Large Group Speech contest recently at Waterloo West and received a nomination to be part of the festival, which will include performances by the best speech students from across the state of Iowa.

Complete results and programs can be found on the IHSSA website at

DHS Varsity speech groups receiving performance nominations included choral reading, one ensemble acting, one solo mime, two musical theaters, one radio broadcasting and television news. Cast lists for those groups are as follows:

Choral Reading, directed by Gabe Twedt and Molly Holkesvik. "Walt's Guide to a Happily Ever After." Sofiya Andrusishin, Reese Drenth, Dailen Folkedahl, Rita Guzman, Zyann Hooper, Samuel Iverson, Breanna Kingsbury, Annika Krieg, Teressa Lundvedt, Mary Murphy, Christa Nelson, Lukas Phillips, Brad Suhr, Anna Swanson, Lindsay Vande Lune.

Ensemble Acting, directed by Thomas Houdek and Andrew Tjossem. "The Other Room." Charles Baldwin, Connor Freeman, Connor Gossman, Molly Hovden, Timothy Misseldine, Shelby Stalberger.

Solo Mime, directed by Molly Holkesvik. "My Perfect Genes." Alexis Hove.

Musical Theater, directed by Thomas Houdek and Gabe Twedt. "Matilda." Linnea Kephart, Naomi Davidson, Gable Lonning, Gara Lonning, McKenzie Snyder, Katelyn Yee.

Musical Theater, directed by Thomas Houdek and Andrew Tjossem. "Mulan." Parker Fretheim, Connor Gossman, Steven Holkesvik, Linnea Carlson, Adam Knight, Timothy Winter.

Radio Broadcasting, directed by Gabe Twedt. "KOOB." Ben Dugger, Clare Gullekson, Dylan Henning, Brenna Herrmann, Maria McDonough, Lukas Phillips, Jada Vanden Brink, Steffenee Voigt.

Television News, directed by Molly Holkesvik. "KNIT." Rebecca Alcock, Nick Anundsen, Dalton Brown, Leah Davis, Lydia Dawley, Connor Freeman, Parker Fretheim, Nick Gossling, Ryan Hageman, Brenna Herrmann, Hannah Hougen, Kassie Hoyme, Maria Hoyme, Madison Ihde, Emily Irwin, Karoline Johnson, Anna Kane, Skye Kelley, Tyler Lubke, Maria McDonough, Maria Mertzenich, Patrick Murphy, Kieran Okerstrom, Jonah Pankow, Katie Perez, Bryce Pierce, Drake Schuring, Lindsay Smith, Kalle Solberg, Jacob Stock, Ali Voight, Steffenee Voigt, Matt Whittle, Ian Wold.

DHS 9th speech group receiving a performance nomination included one radio broadcasting. Cast list for that group is as follows:

Radio Broadcasting, directed by Reid Drenth and Dalton Matt. "KYUM." Zach DeVore, Natalie Heffern, Maria Lea, Eric Smedsrud, Olivia Syverson, Everett Wegge, Marissa Weis.

DHS Varsity speech groups receiving non-performance nominations included one-act play, readers theater, and two ensemble actings. Cast lists for those groups are as follows:

One-Act Play, directed by Thomas Houdek. "The Boys Next Door." Charles Baldwin, Simon Cropp, Paul Fadness, Christopher Hartman, Lydia Hayes, Steven Holkesvik, Jacob Leeps, Gable Lonning, Isaac Luzum, Bryce Pierce, Drake Schuring, Timothy Winter.

Readers Theater, directed by Andrew Tjossem. "May We Be Politically Correct?" Marius Aune, Margaret Breitenstein, Gabrielle Cowie, Emma Dambek, Oran Deen-Lester, McKinley Eide, Carli Galligan, Clare Gullekson, Rita Guzman, Lara Guzman, Hannah Hougen, Samuel Iverson, Kelly Minear, Mackenzie Schaeffer, Alison Schwartzhoff.

Ensemble Acting, directed by Gabe Twedt and Molly Holkesvik. "The Complete Works of Harry Potter, abridged." Naomi Davidson, McKinley Eide, Loden Henning, Clara Kittelson, Gara Lonning, Kelly Minear.

Ensemble Acting, directed by Andrew Tjossem and Gabe Twedt. "The Complete History of America, abridged." Marius Aune, Paul Fadness, Micheal Foster, Carli Galligan, Maria Mertzenich, Faith Vilardo.