The Decorah Board continued its discussion Monday regarding the noise emitting from Carrie Lee School's air conditioning system, which Kirstin Erickson of Decorah had complained to the Board about during last month's meeting.

According to Erickson, the air-conditioning cycles every five minutes and continues from May to October and can be heard from her home located along Jefferson Street near the Carrie Lee building. Board members had also visited the area prior to the meeting to examine the noise level and clarified the noise is actually coming from the air-handling system and not from the air conditioner. The Board discussed a few options at last month's meeting.

Haluska met with representatives from Struxture Architects, who suggested hanging plywood on the fencing around the units to see if the noise would be reduced. If this attempt was successful, they could establish a more permanent solution to better absorb the sound. If the attempt was unsuccessful, the representatives recommended a sound engineer be contacted.

Haluska will report progress made to the Board at the next meeting in October. The Board suggested the plywood/sound-absorbing tests be performed before the seasonal cycling ends in October.