Fifteen-year yoga and meditation teacher Kelly Larson joins forces with Decorah's Amanda Rhine to create a new kind of yoga and wellness event for the region. Together, they are on a mission to help people feel better fast, and discover the benefits of yoga and other natural health modalities.

Yoga classes will all be led by Larson, who is the director of the Center for the Study of Yoga and Health, and owner of Breathe Into Balance.

"I've spent years discovering ways to reliably help people heal and feel better with yoga, pulling from many traditions of yoga, meditation and healing from around the world. It is wonderful to be able to bring my experience back home to teach the community that raised me," Larson says. She currently lives in Miami and is delivering her workshops on a tour of the U.S., Europe and Asia this year.

Leading local yoga teachers and wellness practitioners from several towns in the region will be joining and supporting the event. It will be the first gathering of its kind to bring these people together. Local organizer Amanda Rhine, owner of Discover Happy in Decorah, has been working with other wellness leaders in the community to unite regional wellness practitioners and support more events promoting healthy lifestyles in the area. "There are so many ways that simple techniques can help people feel better every day. I am excited to see the community coming together to bring more wellness into our local culture," says Rhine.

The Head to Toe Wellness Weekend is both for people who practice yoga as well as anyone looking for help with hip, back, neck and shoulder pain. Saturday's events focus on healthy hips and a healthy back, starting with an active morning yoga workshop to release hip tension. After lunch experts from the region will gather to answer questions and give helpful advice on how to combat hip and back pain.

Following will be a gentle yoga workshop to ease back pain and relax mind and body (great for people with special bodily needs and injuries too). Sunday has the same format, but focusing on neck and shoulders in the morning class and afternoon expert panel, with a deeply relaxing yoga workshop in the afternoon (also appropriate for any special bodily needs or injuries).

Even if you're not a hot-blooded yoga enthusiast, Larson and Rhine will also focus on stress relief, flexibility and overall fitness.

For more information about this event or to get involved, visit or email Amanda at To reach Larson with yoga questions, visit or email

About Kelly Larson

Kelly Larson, MA, PhDc, CYT, is passionate about delivering experiences that change people's lives. As an acclaimed yoga and meditation teacher, speaker and scholar, she has been featured nationally and internationally in major publications such as Martha Stewart's Whole Living. She is known for creating unique experiences that go far beyond traditional yoga, and grounding her work with academic rigor.

Larson received her certification in India and has been teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years. She travels the world to teach workshops and lead retreats, as well as to deliver premium private yoga sessions to her global client base. She is the director of the Center for the Study of Yoga and Health, owner of Breathe into Balance and founder of the Power Yin Yoga tradition. More info at