EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The Decorah Junior College for Women is now to be "officially" affiliated with Luther College. This does not mean the schools will consolidate, as the Luther officials agree that SEGREGATION OF MEN AND WOMEN in classes is and shall be the general policy.

...Lawrence Smith has been awarded the coveted Eagle Scout Badge here.

...1933 specials at The Ness Store: toilet tissue: 5 cents per package; bananas, 7 cents per pound; lemons: 39 cents per dozen; Corn Flakes: two packages for 19 cents.

...The law regarding the return of saloons to Iowa has been repealed. Iowa Governor Herring has said that most Iowans were in favor of banning saloons and he praises all who voted on this latest repeal.

...Sliced bread is a new feature here in Decorah. Bake-Rite Bakery is now selling sliced loaves of rye and potato breads. There is no extra charge for the slicing. Loaves are 7 cents each.

...Bernie Bierman, the grid coach at the University of Minnesota, will be in Decorah next week for a coaching school.

...The Winneshiek

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