EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A crying baby has been saved from sure death. Mrs. Lawrence Rosendahl was going out to the cornfield to check on some livestock when the baby started to cry. She decided to take the baby to the field with her. Had the baby been left inside the house, death by fire most assuredly would have resulted. While they were out of the house, a fire quickly broke out in some unknown way (perhaps due to an overheated stove). The house and contents were completely destroyed, with more than $4,000 in losses reported. They live in Springfield Township.

...The Eat Shop in downtown Decorah has a noon special. Sautéed chicken, punch, roast beef, mashed potatoes, salad and dessert. Priced at 35 cents.

...The Grand Theatre has installed new seats with spring cushions and leather backs. The manager says it is one of the major improvements they've made since the advent of sound films.

...More than 20 men have earned jobs in the NRA program introduced here this month. Many local businesses and individuals have signed the new NRA industrial code as part of the president's recovery act. Twelve new positions have been created at Decorah Produce Co. Two additional clerks will be employed at Mott & Co., and also at the J.C. Penney Co.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: A 120-acre farm near Mabel has sold for $50 an acre. The farm was sold with

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