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July 01, 2016
The Road to Dunning’s
This vintage postcard shows the road to Dunning’s Spring in Decorah. The postmark indicates the year of 1906. The postcard was shared from the collection of retired chiropractor Al Ludeking of Decorah.
  • ‘Risky’ prisoners are captured in big raid
         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A siren-screaming state highway patrol car and officers in a caravan of 11 cars drove into Waukon with some “risky” prisoners the other night, following that big raid reportedly conducted in the area. The gang of thieves was traced to a “shady” headquarters in Postville. A stolen car, men’s and women’s clothing, whiskey, playing cards, poker chips, some lumber and a gas siphon were just a few items of “loot” discovered by investigating officers.
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  • Decorah remains in Republican ranks

         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Democrats had 780 more votes in the June 1936 Winneshiek County primary election than did the Republicans. Decorah, however, remained in the Republican ranks again this year, with 781 votes, compared with 617 for Democrats.

    Ice cold milk – that stays near the freezing point even on a “near hundred-mile drive” in the summer months. That is what can be found soon here in Decorah these days with refrigerated trucks being the latest in new machinery.

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  • Land purchased for new Decorah pool
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Official word has finally been released to the public that the modern, new Decorah Swimming Pool will be constructed at the intersection of Luther College and Highway 52. Land has been purchased and deeded to the city park board for the new pool. Time of actual start of construction is still on hold.
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  • Seniors from throughout area invited to Luther
         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: High school seniors from a 75-mile area are invited to Luther College this week for a program of music, baseball, talks and more. The splendid program is planned for the young folks only if favorable weather prevails. A fine orchestra, consisting of students from Luther College and from the Decorah College for Women, will be directed by Prof. Nickel. A delicious picnic dinner will conclude the festivities.
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  • New Decorah citywide delivery system begins
          EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A new citywide delivery system, set in place for local businessmen, has been put into operation here. The folks behind the delivery system are four enterprising young men from Decorah. Hubert McCauley, Raymond Rosa, Arthur Eggen and Earl White have four delivery cars in operation and they will pick-up and deliver packages for area stores every 35 minutes. Sixteen deliveries will be made daily with more deliveries on Saturday evenings starting at 6 o’clock.
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  • G-man who helped nab Dillinger speaking here
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The chief G-Man from the big Chicago office of the Federal Secret Service is speaking here in Decorah in early May. He reportedly helped capture John Dillinger, the most notorious gangster of them all. No doubt, he will have some interesting tales of intrigue to share.
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  • More than 170 paid old-age pensions

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: More than 170 Winneshiek County residents are being paid old-age pensions. The elderly citizens are paid $14.50 each month.

    Allen Wise has been appointed Postmaster in Decorah. Postmaster Will Linnevold checked out after 13 years of efficient service to the citizens of this area.

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  • Seek programs to help keep boys occupied
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Local residents are determined to provide programs to occupy the leisure time of boys in this community in a beneficial manner. The average boy in Decorah spends 30 percent of his time outside the home, church and school and boys must be trained in activities that will help them attain manhood. This is the plea urged from a recent speaker at the meeting of the Decorah Chamber of Commerce. A great deal of emphasis is being put on Boy Scouting. “Participating in Boy Scouting will work to make these boys into useful men,” said Dr. A.F. Fritchen, chairman of the local Boy Scouts.
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  • Big blowout at Legion Hall a big success
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The “big blowout” on Wednesday night at the Anton Bernatz Post American Legion of Decorah was a huge success, with more than 100 in attendance. Chief concern expressed at the gathering was the demand for adequate care for our disabled veterans and their dependents. A Dutch Lunch followed the meeting.
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  • Quite a scare at Kendallville Store
         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: There was quite the uproar over at the Kendallville Store the other day. What might have proved to be a very serious accident occurred when the store filled with carbon monoxide gas. A number of people suddenly became ill, some falling right down onto the floor - unconscious. It was discovered that a clogged exhaust pipe was filling the store with the gas. All were able to escape without serious injury.
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  • Anderson family’s piano falls into cellar
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Imagine the great surprise of the August Anderson family living on the State Road across from the Phil Johnson service station one morning last week when they arose and found their piano had fallen into the cellar. The floor of the family’s home had given way in the night, and the big square piano fell a considerable distance into the basement level.
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  • Help coming to file income taxes

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: There will soon be hope for Decorah residents who need help filing their income taxes. The state income tax man is coming in mid-March. He will be available for any local folks needing assistance. He will set up shop in Calmar during his visit.

    The last surviving member of the first class to finish school at Luther College has died. Rasmus B. Anderson, a famous Norse scholar and founder of the chair of Scandinavian Literature at the University of Wisconsin, passed away in Madison, Wis. He was a member of the first class at Luther – the class of 1866.

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  • Grade school students present ‘Molly Be Jolly’
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The play “Molly Be Jolly” is being given here by the grade school students. Tickets are 15 cents for reserved seats. Lead roles are taken by the following: Patricia Jones, Raymond Usgaard, Ruth Wulfsberg, Paul Thorson, Gretchen Altfillisch, Frederic Carlson and Roger Wheatman. Grades 1 through 8 of the schools here are represented.
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  • City looking at cement pool
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An informal decision has been made by the Decorah City Council to consider building a cement swimming pool at the “Hitching Grounds.” The informal ballot was taken and it showed a decided majority in favor of this site. One of the main reasons for selecting the site was its central location. Land for the proposed pool is owned by the city. The site is currently somewhat of an eyesore and could be tremendously improved in appearance by construction of a pool and bathhouse. Debate continues.
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  • Merchants donating playground equipment

        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Free playground equipment is to be given away by Decorah merchants following a rural school contest in this area. Of note: Children will have no begging, soliciting or selling to do. Watch for more details in the months ahead.

    The CC boys have constructed a fine new bridge over at Twin Springs.

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