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January 26, 2015
Luther entrance
This photograph dated in the early 1900s shows the stately arch once standing at the entrance to the Luther College campus, with the Old Main building off in the distance. The picture is one of many from the Decorah Newspapers archives.
  • Chamber membership gala will cost 50 cents

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The annual Decorah Chamber of Commerce membership drive commences here Jan. 21, 1935. Banquet tickets for the annual gala are 50 cents each.

    …FRONT PAGE NEWS: Luther College professor has wed a girl in Germany. GE NEWS: Prof. Theodore Nickel from up at Luther College has announced his engagement via cablegram. Frauline Irma von Hafen is his lovely betrothed.

    …The Jackson Junction Savings Bank is being liquidated. The bank has been operating under the restrictions of Senate File 111 for nearly two years.

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  • Fire destroys barn, kills 44 head of beef cattle
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: An early morning fire last week destroyed a big barn and burned 44 cattle at the former Cal. Beard farm a short distance from Decorah, adjoining the Twin Springs fish hatchery. 
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  • Twenty one men help put up ice this week
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Twenty-one men started work this week to put up ice for E.C. Dicks and Company. They will work for two or three weeks to cut and fill the icehouses. The men put up almost 200 tons per day with aid of a modern motor saw. The ice is now about 13 inches thick and is of splendid quality. 
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  • Ridgeway couple saves pennies to buy radio
     EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson, who reside between Decorah and Ridgeway, saved up their pennies and purchased a brand new Coronado Battery Console radio from the Gambles Store here in town. It took 45 minutes for Store Manager Geo. Vangsness and three Gambles salesmen, Art Kuhn, Paul Magner and James Runkle, to count out the copper coins, which weighed in at about 35 pounds.  
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  •  EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The farmers of the Lost Nation School District near Burr Oak took snow removal into their own hands last week and opened up four miles of snow-packed roadway for travel. 
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  • Snowstorm dumps 17 inches in town and nearby areas
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A gala Santa Claus Parade, complete with pony and dog show, is commencing this Friday on the streets of Decorah. Of special note: Little Bo-Peep in all her sweetness is coming along with Santa for the special parade. 
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  • 16 women could face loss of work
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: There is a possibility that up to 16 women will face a loss of work here in the near future. The women are employed in the sewing room conducted by the Emergency Relief forces at the local courthouse. The Board of Supervisors has yet to come to an agreement with the owners of the sewing machines they use to do their work. The women are busy hemming towels, making children’s dresses and doing other sewing for the unemployed persons on local relief rolls. It is hoped a compromise can be reached soon between the supervisors and the sewing machine owners. 
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  • $5,000 a year goes to local school, colleges
         EIGHTY YEARS AGO: More than $5,000 a year is being poured into Decorah, Luther College and the Decorah College for Girls as a result of the activities of the federal government’s Student Emergency Relief program. Thirty-three boys and nine girls are paid $15 a month at 30 cents per hour for the educational work.  The New Deal is helping 2,000 students in 65 colleges nationwide. 
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  • Sheriff Graf nabs a slippery robber
       EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Sheriff M. Graf has nabbed a slippery robber who stole $668.85 over in Dubuque. The police gong rang in Decorah early Monday morning and a short time later the phone in the office of Sheriff Graf rang with the alert. The calls were to notify the local authorities to be on the lookout for the man who robbed a tavern two miles out of Dubuque. When the daily bus arrived in Decorah in the morning, the local police were on hand to meet it. The bus stopped at the Winneshiek Hotel, where Sheriff Graf promptly confronted the suspect. The man gave up the roll of bills and $23 in silver. The thief was taken off to the local jail in quick order. He was described as a “tough egg;” but he was arrested here without any trouble. 
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  • EIGHTY YEARS AGO: There are now plans for a state park for the village of Bluffton. A 100-acre state park, comprising a strip of land up to 200 yards wide along each side the Oneota River for a total distance of one mile, is a strong possibility in the future. 
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  • Fire Department boasts modern, new equipment
     EIGHTY YEARS AGO: If a farm fire should break out in this vicinity, the firefighters here in town will be ready to go. The Fire Department now boasts modern, new pumping equipment for fighting such blazes. According to Theo. Moen, fire chief, the fire-fighting equipment in Decorah has been doubled. A new truck has arrived and is reportedly doing efficient service. 
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  • Frank Germann celebrates 22 years in clothing business
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Frank Germann came to Decorah and opened his small clothing store in the Citizens Savings Bank building 21 years ago this month. From the first day he opened doors here, he has been steady, fair, courteous and generous to the public. We applaud him as he begins his 22nd year as Decorah’s outstanding clothier. 
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  • New fire truck is on display Saturday
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Decorah’s new fire truck will be on display here Saturday night. The truck will be given a 12-hour test of its pumping equipment at the fairgrounds. 
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  • EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The public schools here in Decorah are badly crowded as enrollment continues to be on the increase. All will agree that the congestion in classrooms is making teachers’ tasks difficult. Space issues have forced some instructors into private residences. The commercial department, for example, is currently offering courses in the C.J. Weiser residence, with the school paying out rent of upwards of $75 per month.



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  • St. Lucas man fined for under-sized bass
        EIGHTY YEARS AGO: It cost Edward Klemmer of St. Lucas about $33.25 for having nine under-sized bass in his possession when he was stopped along the Turkey River between Spillville and Fort Atkinson by Game Warden George Kaufman of Lansing. This fine included court costs assessed by George E. Cooney of Fort Atkinson, justice of the peace. When the fisherman saw the game warden he promptly dropped the fish, which he had been carrying on a stringer, in the grass and marched right along to the warden, all the while denying having possessed the fish in question. The St. Lucas man also had no valid fishing license. It is reported that the warden may have been more lenient had the culprit “come clean” immediately. 
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