Vesterheim Museum requests everyone's help in planning the next museum exhibition, "Favorite Things," on view Jan. 23-April 27.

When visitors come to the museum, they see about ten percent of the vast collections of over 24,000 objects. The museum's three storage facilities house the rest of the collections.

"Favorite Things" is an opportunity to let museum staff and the public choose treasured collection pieces to be given the spotlight.

Last August at a museum Free First Thursday event, 50 items were nominated by the public as worthy of being part of the exhibition. It is now time to decide which ones will go on display.

Check out the items on the website and rate each one. A rate of "10" means that the item should definitely be part of the exhibition; a rate of "1" means that it may remain in storage, at least for now.

Voting ends Jan. 10. At that time, the items with the highest total will be selected to be part of the exhibition and the results will be posted.

The exhibition is sponsored by Jon and Mary Hart with additional support from Farmers and Merchants Savings Bank.

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