The Elks Lodge in Decorah is hosting its annual Contra dance and Contratopia concert Saturday, Jan. 25, featuring calling by Ted Hodapp.

The concert at 7 p.m., and the dance begins at 8.

Contratopia is a contra dance band composed of two musicians from Minnesota and two from Northeast Iowa.

Erik Sessions (fiddle), Patrice Pakiz (piano, oboe, percussion), Pat O'Loughlin (english concertina and banjo) and John Goodin (mandolin and guitar) began playing together in late 1999 and decided that the rewards of working together outweighed the challenges of geographical separation.

Many groups of dancers have enjoyed Contratopia's unique musical approach at events from Montana to Florida and the band anticipates continuing to share their enthusiasm for jigs, reels and waltzes with dancers for a long time to come.

NOTE: For interviews, photos and more information about Contra dancing and Contratopia, see Thursday's Decorah Journal.